Historical thinking involves the ability to describe, apush long essay questions period 7, and evaluate multiple question developments within one society, one or more developments across or between different societies, and in various chronological orders.

To receive the highest possible AP score, you must explain how specific historical evidence is linked to your thesis. Periods File Size: Students always need to perod weigh all of the historical evidence and then craft a response that best articulates their understanding of the historical record.

Stay crisp and professional. Breaking down the process into manageable a nd sequential steps is one key for improvement.

A thesis statement is required. Organize the Evidence Identify what you know about the question and organize your information by quesgions a brief outline of what you know. In the rest of the essay, you should provide evidence in a manner that is convincing, thoughtful, and built on a sound knowledge of historical information relevant to the topic.

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Write as an expert in the field. Write your outline in the test booklet. Historical thinking involves the ability to recognize, analyze, and evaluate the dynamics of historical continuity and change over periods of time perood varying lengths, as well as relating these patterns to larger historical processes or themes.


A solid thesis will take a stance that chooses one of these three options.

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Compare and Contrast the colonies in the Chesapeake with the New England colonies. Specifically, which groups or sorts of the aforementioned felt, hated or wanted?

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Write the Introductory Paragraph Be sure to include these three elements: Each question will assess an additional thinking skill, such as causation, comparison, continuity and change over time, or periodization. List facts pertaining to the question to help organize your thoughts.

Assume your reader is an idiot.

In other words, students should not feel free to argue any side simply because they can believe they can support it. List a few generalities or a “laundry list” of facts. Use fillers and flowery language in an attempt to impress the reader. This is the PAST that you are writing about.


It is obviously not very productive to select an essay or take a position that you cannot support. Graded on a point scale.

Write the Supporting Paragraphs and Conclu sion The number and length peeriod the supporting paragraphs forming the body of the essay should vary depending on the thesis not necessarily 5 paragraphs! Be sure to address two of the three areas in apush long essay questions period 7 essay: What is the key word s or phrase in the question? You will have 35 minutes to answer the one question you select. Targeted Historical Thinking Skill: Chapter 14 Thesis Writing File Size: Chapter 20 Thesis Writing File Size: Compare and Contras t: