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This is used for several different but very rare variants: Likewise for the many possible ways to generate small caps fonts. Ideally, they would not exist. Linotype fonts , Previous: ITC fonts , Up:

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Since these variants were not actually used in any font names, they are now obsolete and may be reassigned in the future. For fonts that are distributed without any specific attribution to the creator, by individuals, or by small foundries.

Arranged from lightest to heaviest more or less:.

URW fontsPrevious: If the supplier is missing, i. We point out some shortcomings of the scheme, and ways of dealing with them. Also, when combined with a consistent naming scheme, macros could be written to fontt any of a number of fonts.

Each URW font has an assigned font number. TeX Directory Structure standard:. These files can be installed in the Dvips header directory and then used in psfonts.

KabelITCbyBT-Ultra font

It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Although we certainly cannot use such names tont the files themselves, we could still use them in TeX documents given a simple mapping file, as discussed below. Adobe standard encoding B. When creating a new synthetically expanded or compressed font for use with TeX, e. Font name listsUp: Monotype fontsUp: Long namesUp: Having two names which differ only in case is undesirable, since it results in clashes on common Windows filesystems.

Adobe fontsUp: Naming specific characters is a tangled and difficult area. The following sections define various encodings as PostScript encoding vectors. This is because font resellers typically make modifications to the original design. Font name listsPrevious: In this scheme, names may consist of only the letters monocase a-znumeralsand underscore. This helps conserve abbreviations.

Besides this document, the Fontname distribution includes various encoding files, mapping files, and utilities. Bitstream fontsPrevious: Filenames for fontsUp: DTC fontsUp: These variants indicating Greek and Cyrillic fonts, respectively are obsolete; future fonts in kabelicbybt scripts should be assigned an appropriate encoding abbreviation. Likewise for the many possible ways to generate small caps fonts. After several years of experience, several modifications of the original distribution seemed desirable: This is Fontname, a naming scheme for the base part fobt external TeX font filenames.


Right now, each font family has to have specialized macros written to deal with it. Since names of pi fonts are rather arbitrary, it is not useful to try to assign typeface abbreviations to all of them. These characters begin a two-character encoding variant. Likewise, characters with default category codes other than 11 letter or 12 other should not be used.

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