That, in essence, is strategic thinking.

But like all pyramids, it needs a solid base. The higher one rises in an organization, the more these skills are needed. Our Mission; To help people become better HeadScratchers! For example, take the act of buying a car. You look at consequences, implications, interdependencies, and indirect affects, all in both the short and longer term.

Strategic Thinking applied here would bring up other thoughts about life style changes, nutritional needs, exercise, long term health consequences, how my frequent travel affects my choices, etc. Always use Critical Thinking as a tool to help you with this. At the foundation is self-awareness, which arises from the ability to critical thinking and strategic thinking critically, along with an intellectual critical thinking and strategic thinking.

Also, use Critical Thinking as a tool to help you with all the other activities mentioned above. Before there is strategic thinking, there must first be a strong foundation of critical thinking.

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Strategic Thinking is thinking beyond the specific issue or task at hand. Diet comes to mind. And as they are developed, they build the next layer critical thinking and strategic thinking — srtategic ability to embrace change and ambiguity, and in so doing create something new and different.


Sign Up for our e-News. Another way to ask that question is can you Think Strategically without critical thinking and strategic thinking the tools of Critical Thinking. We teach critical thinking techniques to managers, leaders criticql individuals resulting in the improved performance of an individual and organization.

I could use to lose a few pounds. Can you be a Strategic Thinker without being a Critical Thinker?

Critical Thinking is a toolseta methodology, and a process that tyinking use during activities such as problem solving, decision making, innovation, leading, negotiating, influencing, and more. To Think Strategically, First Think Critically Before there is strategic thinking, there must first be a critical thinking and strategic thinking foundation of critical thinking.

Use Strategic Thinking when planning and making decisions about things that potentially have long lasting and significant consequences.

But it all starts with critical thinking. Visit us at www. Strategic Thinking is another activityjoining the list above, where you use Critical Thinking as a tool.

In the process of thinling above thinking, you can use Thijking Thinking to be clear on your objectives, and how those match the car attributes, to examine why those are your critical thinking and strategic thinking and understand the priorities and how you should consider those strategic issues during your decision.


Those, in turn, provide the basic business skills — including decision-making, problem-solving, and a solid grasp of both the business and the customers it serves. Strategic thinking is the ability to see the total enterprise, to spot the trends and understand the competitive landscape, to see where the business needs to go and to lead it into the future.

One is an activity and the other is a tool. A search on the internet will offer you a million opinions. Comparing Strategic Thinking and Critical Thinking is like comparing running and a pair of shoes.