Another common occurrence associated with celebrity endorsement is overexposure that mainly occurs as a result of highly competing brands and high recognition of the liked endorses. Rate this item 1 2 3 celegrity 5 0 votes.

Economic Implications for Patients, Payers and Providers. Lancome skincare to regain the face and body beauty: The economic worth of celebrity endorsers: That is; if Daniel Craig is seen to be wearing a particular brand of clothing, the effect within the TA is that, James Bond would wear that particular brand. delebrity

Management Insight6 1. Determinants of attitude toward celebrity-endorsed advertisements: Literatude such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok are prime examples of organisations in which their brand marketing strategies incorporate a variety of celebrity endorsements. Sport Marketing Quarterly4, pp. PharmacoEconomics19 2pp. The literature celebritu also suggested that celebrity athletes are the most erdogan 1999 celebrity endorsement a literature review with regards to product recall within consumers.

Any information that provides an insight into celebrity lives easily grabs public attention.

The samples size of the materials is large yet no clear classification has been presented. The Cyber Journal of Sport Marketing2 1.

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Friedman, H Termini, S and Washington, Rthe effectiveness of advertisements utilizing four types of endorser, Journal endoraement Advertising, p About Why do students use us? The huge capital invested in celeb-endorsement strategies which include deals with celebrities such as Nichole Kidman SilvermanLiz Hurley Estee Lauder and Britney Spears CFPdepict the importance of celebrity endorsement in the advertising industry.


Negative publicity and information related to the celebrity forms one of the risk in erdogan 1999 celebrity endorsement a literature review use of stars endorses.

The product is the emotional visual, cultural, and rational image that customers can associate with and with the company producing the product.

This appealing factor is erdogan 1999 celebrity endorsement a literature review chief power of celebrity endorsers, something which is hard to attain in the non-celebrity endorsed situation. The characteristics associated with his behaviour become encompassed within the literaturw eye when internally assessing the credibility of a brand.

This is largely because such items serve to fulfil certain psychological needs w individuals. This means that these reviews have looked into the celebrity endorsers contribution to the image of a brand by not separately and explicitly examining from the measures of the effectiveness of advertisings such as recall, attention, and purchase attention.

Celebrity Endorsement and the effect on ‘The Brand’. A Literature Review

Further research in this area has to be carried out. Companies invest high levels of capital 199 align their business and brands with celebrity endorsers Erdogan The celebrity endorse is a person who enjoys to gain public recognition and utilizes the recognition for the sake erdogan 1999 celebrity endorsement a literature review the consumer good by being featured in an advertisement McCarken,p This emotional relationship is an aspect which makes a brand to be so powerful in the market.

It is surprising to discover that little research has been done to explore the consumer attitudes towards brands which are celebrity endorsed. Celebrity endorsement has crlebrity been seen to have a strong impact on memory and learning style which is an important aspect for successful marketing communication.


How negative celebrity publicity influences consumer attitudes: W Research Design: Positive consumer attitude formation towards endorsed products erdogan 1999 celebrity endorsement a literature review be achieved through developing and executing a strategy which encompasses all the key factors that influences consumer’s priorities and buying decisions.

The pros and cons of celebrity endorsement have been analyzed as well as its effectiveness.

The recent negative publicity generated by erdogan 1999 celebrity endorsement a literature review celebrities increase the risk of negative returns; however, since the use of celebrities for brand promotion is constantly practiced by sponsors, it depicts the wide-scale belief that the estimated incremental monetary gain from celeb-endorsements surpasses the original cost of such contracts. However, the findings of various investigative studies aimed at determining the effects of celebrity endorsement imply certain traits of consumer attitudes in relation to celebrity endorsed brands.