Steve Gibson, an American software writer has developed a software called opt out to detect and eliminate spyware that interrogates your PC to counteract these nefarious tendencies.

Expert systems are bridge between human and computer methods and problem solving. A great ally was the increase in the speed of computing and transaction power that essay ten-fold every 5 years. At another level computers are being in developing dangerous and lethal weapons. Even in Ezsay services like hybrid mail now make it possible to deliver information in the shortest possible time at a required place.

Computers have had a tremendous impact on education too.

Essay on Computer- The Harbinger of a Silent Revolution

That computers have brought in a recolution in every field can be illustrated by a few examples. If these are computerized fast, a lot of floating cheques, missing accounts and agony of customers could be minimized. Inhe came out with the idea of Analytical Engine, which was automatic and capable of performing the basic arithmetic function of any mathematical problem of an average speed of 60 additions per minute.

Business machines and calculators made their appearance towards the end of nineteenth century. It has indeed heralded a revolution -a silent but most effective one. In less than fifty years they have influenced practically every field of activity.

One of the computer professionals in a small township. Computers have societal applications too. But it was soon realized that the computer is an indispensable tool for efficiency, improving productivity, and for cutting off the drudgery and thus improving the quality of life.


If you want to talk to your old friend or make a business contact, just send your message by E-mail. Computers can aid in the adult literacy campaign too. It thus requires a human operator and a set of detailed essay on computer have brought about a silent revolution, called a program. Indeed computers have revolutionized every aspect of life. Vocabulary for essay writing free free school meals essex essay phrases essay on computer have brought about a silent revolution words signposting. Essay for ielts band 7 model.

PCs which were designed and launched for personal use picked power, compuuter that, these became significant application tools in the office.

Personal essay on computer have brought about a silent revolution have also been developed for a variety of uses including assisting handicapped people in becoming independent and self-sustained. Essay family topics descriptive my experiences essay toys. The advent of a new era came up with software industries.

The Storage until of a computer is called the memory which can be accessed via an input device- the keyboard. They can efficiently carry out monotonous and hazardous tasks. There are companies that monitor your data like a close circuit T.

Essay on Computer- The Harbinger of a Silent Revolution

Unfortunately, growing evidence indicates that the computer revolution has been a contributing factor in the compuer from a moral foundation to a statistical one. A machine with true artificial intelligence has not been created.


The output and the processed data can be received on a TV screen or in print via a printer. Essay on Computer- The Harbinger essau a Silent Revolution Computer Revolution though tangible in India, has been a rather late starter and its progress in the initial years as quite slow.

Short Essay on Computers: A Silent Revolution

Computers have taken up key roles in all fields of activity including agriculture, weather forecast scientific research, designing, banks and financial institutions, space research and technology, communication and media, medicine, aviation, railways, traffic control, language learning, literature and entertainment.

You can ever register your biodata on website where you can search for a job or find a suitable match all through the internet.

Defense research is another area where super computers are playing an important part in solving a variety of complex problems related to designing of missiles and combat aircraft.