As a high school junior, what are the most important things for me to do before senior year?

Setting Junior Year Goals

Lastly, something you do that is specific to senior year is actually applying to college. Priorities esay include school, sports and family while lesser ranked items may include friends, personal projects, etc.

Another thing that is the evil of all evils that can occur during sophomore year for some students is Algebra II. These days many students drop an activity or hobby that they really enjoyed because their schoil took too much time.

There is the constant buzz of who has the higher class ranking and which colleges your peers are applying to. This information will be useful in determining if you meet the admissions requirements and also in planning your campus visits during your senior year. There are many bright students out there who do not get accepted to many colleges because the student next to them out-lied or exaggerated more than they did.

That is because colleges junkor to look for and choose students who they believe are likely to be academically successful at their school. Students make up or exaggerate an extra curricular activity just to make themselves look better than the next student.

Stress during Junior year of High School

You’re all caught up. The single most important thing to do is to keep your grades up The eseay that some people so not realize is that the pressure students face today is not only from teachers and parents but mostly from colleges. Close Esway Window Hang on for a minute Scyool up to take challenging courses in your senior year Society needs to lighten up and let students excel at things they are good at and improve in areas where needed. Your priorities are tasks that need to be dealt with immediately; and others ranking lower essay on junior year of high school the list are secondary tasks to deal with.


You can download recent episodes individually, or subscribe to automatically receive each podcast. When she finally learned his favorite song, Klein essay on junior year of high school only one chance to play it for exsay.

You are finally considered an upperclassmen and graduation is only two years away. Your College Search As mentioned before, junior year is the year to figure out what colleges you plan on considering. Resources Resources Education Opportunities.

The Journey Through High School – The Express

essya If not, what can I do to demonstrate that? As juniors, some of us participate in extracurricular activities and junoir while others work at a job or an internship. Of course, the flash card method and reviewing your notes are helpful, but it is important to create a unique and fun studying routine!

Some of the more highly competitive colleges also require some of the five subject-specific SAT Subject exams — so you may need to schedule the SAT Subject Tests in the late spring, although you could wait until the very beginning of your senior year. Take me back to All Categories. Another perk of junior year, for girls particularly, is Junior Prom!


Save graded writing samples. Many students just get a big box and start dumping all junlor mailed materials they receive into the essay on junior year of high school, but it probably makes sense to develop some sort of filing system so that the information from the colleges on your short list is easy to find when you need it.

Lastly, find out if a college accepts the Common Application. Julie Manhan Founder College Navigation. The junior year is also a good time to start oc where the people you essay on junior year of high school and admire attended college. College Search Our counselors answered: Student Life Setting Junior Year Goals Set easay goals to make the best of your junior year and the years to come.

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