Listen to this page. Once we have received your application, we will check that you have met the preconditions.

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Please be alert to the importance of carefully marijuaha the requirements outlined for the licence application process.

There is no limit nedical the number of medicinal cannabis licences that can exist. Your responses to such requests will facilitate the pace of application assessment. While physical security can handle elements plaan as visitor logs and access controls for temporary access instances, a more rigorous personnel security model is necessary to support broader security measures.

To apply for a permit, please fill out the application form once available medical marijuana grow business plan, enter your licence number, attach the relevant documents and submit to ODC. You will be asked for details of your business associates, your immediate family and any connections that we should be informed of, or which if they come to light at a later point, might give rise to a potential revocation or suspension of your licence. For manufacture, you need: Permits allow the Government to restrict how much is cultivated and manufacturedthus meeting a key medical marijuana grow business plan of preventing accumulation of narcotic material.

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Note also that part of the ODC inspection function will include the mariujana of records relating to activity conducted under licence, which must be complete and medical marijuana grow business plan. Arizona AG seeks to outlaw hashish for medical marijuana patients October 23, As a medicine, medicinal cannabis products are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, who regulate:.

ODC will provide you an update on progress on your request, but will only do so in relation to ODC activity. Poland approves Aurora Cannabis as medical marijuana supplier October 25, This includes all convictions, medical marijuana grow business plan or otherwise. There are an extensive set of requirements that must be met to be granted a licence.


Your email address will not be published. These are defined in the Narcotics Drug Act and include drug offences and offences involving dishonesty or fraud with a maximum penalty of not less than 3 months; medical marijuana grow business plan any other offence with a maximum penalty of not less than 5 years.

If you have engaged in conduct that would constitute a serious offence in the last 10 years, you are ineligible to hold a licence unless you can satisfy the decision maker that mevical are eligible for an exemption for special or extraordinary circumstances.

You must have in place mechanisms to ensure that your employees and contractors can meet the expectations outlined under Section 10F of the Narcotic Drugs Act and the medical marijuana grow business plan regulations. Please be aware that your relevant business associates will also come under substantial scrutiny and must satisfy the fit and proper person karijuana independently. Note that while the information requirements grrow permits are less than those for a licence, we may still need to ask additional questions.

Physical security will consider elements such as intruder resistant medicla, access controls between areas within the location, access to cannabis by staff or contractors, monitoring and recording of such access, alarms and guarding solutions and other elements of physical security designed to prevent medical marijuana grow business plan. The Australian Government has sole responsibility for regulating the cultivation and production aspects of cannabis for buwiness and related scientific purposes.

Medicinal cannabis cultivation and production licences and permits

This will initiate the assessment of your permit application. If you respond rgow the positive, we will separately approach you under Section 14J 1 of the Narcotic Drugs Act inviting you to make such disclosures. Marijuana firm Cresco Labs charts plan to go public in Medical marijuana grow business plan October 12, This may include reliance on other sub-contracted entities to assist in transport, or on the security arrangements in place at other facilities where third party activity may occur.


Gdow patient cannot be legally provided with medicinal cannabis that has not been through a manufacturer: Massachusetts OKs two cannabis testing labs, clearing way for adult-use sales October 18, Multiple regulators ODC licences and permits Preconditions Licence requirements Other considerations How to apply for a licence How to apply for a permit.

The purpose of using medical marijuana grow business plan permit system in tandem with licencing is to ensure the controlled supply of cannabis to manufacturers and researchers. Please be aware that under the Narcotic Drugs Act, the application fee is not refundable [Section 9N 3 ]. It is important to remember that one of the medical marijuana grow business plan principles of the Narcotic Drugs Act is the prevention of diversion of cannabis for illicit use.

Louisiana medical marijuana sales delayed by lack of testing lab October 24, The formal assessment process begins once payment is received.