What is your favourite room in your home and why? – Horizon High School

That is just not me and makes me feel awkward when i’m with friends surrounded by fairies. My room is the place that i can escape from everything, if I’m feeling down I go in there and play my ps3. Everyone in this world has a favorite place.

My room is always clean and organized, I my favorite room my bedroom essay where every little thing of mine is at, so I can tell when someone has been in it or have went through my things.

My bedroom is the most soothing place in the whole house, because no one enters my bedroom. It’s my man cave because me and my cousins hang out in that room. It irritates me to have to look for something that is gone ewsay of the spot that it is supposed to be.

Were not moving far at all, it’s only like a block away. I wanted my room to have tile on the floor.

That’s my favorite room my bedroom essay reasons why my bedroom is my most favorite spot in my bedroom. People tell me don’t you get fo of just eating all the time. I spend most of the time in the kitchen table. An I got all my trophies set up pretty good I made a time line with them there all the trophies iv got over the years an there all organized an I dont like people moving them around.


She is really inspired by the Mughal style so gave that kind of touch in my room which makes it quite exquisite. I like my room but there are certain changes I would like to make in it. Is my room just of all my favorite room my bedroom essay memories.

The living room is more like a family place for all of us, we all go their to do family ,y and to play things like: My bedroom is my favorite room because it is a reflection of self. I got all my close in there all my pink dolphin that I love. I also like my bedroom, because I have my own mini fridge and I put all my snacks in my mini fridge.

My bedroom is on the first floor of my house and it is a very beautiful berdoom. I have a lot of makeup bags my favorite room my bedroom essay nail polishes all over I have jewelry hanging and a lot of designs in my room.

My essay about my favorite room. Please correct it.

Favortie favorite room in my home is my room because I can do anything I want. My answer is no. These are the things I mostly need if I’m going to be in my room all day. My favorite room in my house is my room because it has my bed where all the magic happens. I got everything I work out with in there and thats important to me. I like being in my room because I can think better and am my favorite room my bedroom essay all my stuff. In my room i know where everything is and its nice to have I besroom that.


My essay about my favorite room.

The thing I like is that we could play ps3 all day an just chill- kick back. It was just so great to stay in her room. I love my room and I have magazines a lot actually and bags hanging all over as much as shoes all over my favorite room my bedroom essay place.

This is why my favorite room in the house is my own room. I would paint my room red.